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As we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which can also impact our eye health. In fact, changes in vision can sometimes be the first indication of these systemic diseases. That's why it's crucial to pay attention to your overall health and communicate any health conditions or medications you're taking with your eye doctor. In this article, we'll discuss the relationship between systemic health and eye health and provide tips for maintaining healthy eyesight as you age. Continue reading for more information… ...
Someday it may be possible to treat glaucoma by wearing a special pair of glasses outfitted with an electromagnetic coil. These glasses, developed by Bionode, are currently being tested. This device might be able to treat glaucoma without eyedrops, according to researcher Ike Ahmed, MD. Dr. Ahmed, an ophthalmologist at the Prism Eye Institute in Toronto, is involved in studies of the new device and is a consultant to and a clinical investigator for Bionode. Continue reading for more information… ...
Cataract surgery is very common. Nearly 4 million Americans undergo cataract surgery each year to restore their vision. During cataract surgery, the natural clouded lens is replaced with an artificial lens called an intraocular lens (IOL). An IOL can not only restore vision lost to cataracts, but may also correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism or presbyopia. Continue reading for more information… ...

Frequently Asked Questions. Click here for more.

Below are some situations in which you should visit an ophthalmologist.

  • You suffered an eye injury.
  • You have symptoms of an eye disease.
      These symptoms include:

    • Blurred or distorted vision, double vision or loss of vision.
    • See floaters (as small spots or black wires), flashing lights or halos around objects.
    • Have a curtain or veil that obstructs vision.
    • Eye problems itself, as a lump in one or both eyes, crossed eyes, excessive tears or changes in the eyelids.
    • Eye pain.
    • You have 40 years or more, it is recommended to perform a full eye exam at age 40. This exam will let know if you are at risk of suffering from an eye disease.
Some of our treatments are considered by health insurance plans as elective procedures and they are not covered by insurers. For these treatments we offer multiple financing options.

  • CitiHealth – Citibank’s MasterCard credit card for medical needs. It can be paid in installments or a 12-month plan to pay without interest.
  • CareCredit – Credit card for medical needs with option to pay in installments.
  • Cooperativa de Crédito Jesús Obrero – Financing plan which includes membership and purchase of shares for new members.

We also accept all major credit cards and cash. Learn more about the available options during your evaluation appointment.

We accept all major health insurance plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

Accepted plans include:

  • Triple S
  • Triple S Advantage
  • MCS
  • MCS Classicare
  • Mapfre
  • Humana Insurance
  • Humana Gold
  • Humana Advantage
  • MSO (MMM y PMC)
  • Constellation
  • First Plus
  • Panamerican

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What our patients say about us.

January 31, 2024

Me realizaron láser para no utilizar espejuelos en el mes de agosto, fue todo excelente, los recomiendo al 100%. Todo salio perfecto, el mismo día ya podía ver bien de lejos. El trato es espectacular.

Daiana Ibañez
October 2, 2023

Me operé el 9/26/2023 de catarata. Todo el personal fué muy atento y profesional. Desde la visita al médico que recomendó la cirugía, hasta el dia de la operación; la coordinación, la atención, la orientación todo fué excelente.

Haydee Santiago
July 3, 2023

Buena clínica de Oftalmologia.

May 31, 2023

Técnica Sra Santiago

Muy profesional, amable, humana y actitud positiva

Excelente su servicio !!!!!!

Carmen Colon Gonzalez
April 5, 2023

EXCELENTE SERVICIO! Muy buen equipo, todo organizado. Vale la pena 100%. Vale la pena viajar 2hrs para consulta. Llego y no espero nada, ya en media hora ya estoy atendida y fuera de oficina. Los felicito.

Jessica Colon
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